Gender Issues, cultural /multi ethnic issues, personal development, faith based psychotherapy/ counseling with individuals, couples, families, PTSD, anxiety, depression


  • PhD -University of Cincinnati
  • MS– Howard Univ. Washington, DC
  • BS– Howard Univ. Washington, DC

Karen Edwards, PhD

After finishing her Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Cincinnati, with specialties in Clinical, Social and Organization Psychology, Karen joined the university of Cincinnati/ psychology department and continued on as an associate Professor. Dr. Edwards has book chapter and many publications in the area of multi-cultural competency, stress management related to work environments and communication barriers in organizational developments. Dr. Edwards offers traditional psychodynamic psychological psychotherapy, cognitive psychotherapy, spiritual psychotherapy and some integrative practices such as meditation and visualization in overcoming and coping with issues of stress, depression, anxiety and PTSD related concerns. As a retired university professor and as one who believes in the power of “inner wisdom” to self-heal, Dr. Edwards most often encourages such healing through an educational component to her therapeutic approach as well.