PTSD, Addictions, Anxiety/Depression/Panic, TBI, Forensic, Impulse, OCD, Bipolar, Psychotic, Military/Police/Fire, Sleep, Grief, ADHD, Anger mngt, Personality d/o, autism, gender identity, multiple personality, Adjust d/o


  • PhD– Ohio State University
  • ME– Kent State University
  • BA– Kent State University

Mark Querry, PhD

Dr. Querry is a clinical psychologist. He was educated and trained at Kent State University and the Ohio State University. Dr. Querry provides comprehensive behavioral health evaluations and psychotherapy in private practice in Columbus.

He is a clinician at Professional Psychiatric Services, where he specializes in both mental and emotional disorders as well as the addictions.

Dr. Querry is on medical staff at Ohio Health / Grady Memorial Hospital, in Delaware, Ohio, where he has worked in the emergency room and ICU/CCU in crisis and at-risk situations. He is also a member of the Hospital Emergency Medicine Committee.

Dr. Querry is a certified Worker’s Compensation Disability Evaluation Specialist in Occupational Medicine, serving on the State of Ohio Worker’s Compensation Disability Evaluator’s Panel.

He also serves as a consultant to police and sheriff departments on suicide and homicide assessments and provides critical incident stress debriefing within traumatic situations, including bank robberies and assaults.

He is a national consultant for the United States Department of Defense on the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, including preparing armed services troops for engaging in war and helping them adjust when they return. He has also worked with the military during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita across several southern states, consulting in operations for the US Navy, the US Marine Corp, the US Air Force and the US Army.

Dr. Querry has been trained by the FBI in hostage negotiation, first responder intervention and workplace violence and school shooting situations.

He reports that his most relevant training and expertise in aggression prevention, customer service and stress management has been from parenting his two teen-aged children.