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It does take a lot of courage and initiative to contact a psychiatric office for service. Whether this service is for you personally or for your loved ones, it must have been on-going for quite some time.

Most people try different approaches to deal with those emotional and behavioral issues. These might be holistic or herbal interventions or perhaps religious and close network support. These approaches might be helpful but still the emotional and behavioral problems continue to be a burden on you and your family.

You do have a choice to confront and face these challenging emotions and unpredictable behaviors by seeking professional help and we are here for you.

However, the other choices you have are to deny the need for services and blame everyone around you for your challenges. For example, you are not an angry person but they have made you to be angry, they do not understand, they irritate you, they don’t like you, they want you to get out of their face. Well, that might work for one friend, one coworker, one partner one supervisor and boss. But if history repeats itself on more than two occasions and you still find yourself blaming every single person around you for your behaviors, then denying your need for services have caused you enough damages in enough categories and burned every bridge you have. AND will cost you your relationships, career, families, jobs, and above all, the lack of gratification of being a participant in any of this.

Another option that could be available to fix your challenges with your emotions and your behaviors is to lean on a “quick fix”.

You then begin to think: Perhaps drinking alcohol might help me with my difficulty in social settings or my upcoming presentation or loosen up the edges when I meet with my date. And when it gets too dark to see the light in the tunnel, or the self-defeating thoughts play in my head as a broken record day and night, constantly reminding me of how incompetent, inefficient, incapable person I have been… then I have to shut everything down and pull the blind. Then narcotics such as pain pills or heroine might be my “quick fix” to shut everything down and totally disconnect from the painful realities around me. I could only have one reality now, which is “everything is going to be alright,” which narcotics infuse that sensation in your blood and plant in under your skin. Or perhaps, a “shot or a snort” of cocaine would make me feel that “everything is great” and “things are fantastic”.

Well, I have done all of the above, and I still cannot see the light in the dark tunnel. In fact it has gotten darker and more challenging. I have burned bridges, caused problems, alienate individuals, and lost about almost everything. Finally, I’ve got the courage to confess that I do need help and the only way to fix problems not to hide or run but to courageously face them and seek help and support.

You can follow my steps in how I approach my emotional and behavioral challenges by denying their presence, blaming everyone, seeking a “quick fix”. And then you face a much older, weaker, incapable version of YOU.

Or perhaps, you might instill  not only the courage to seek services but also the hope and the faith that you will learn to manage these difficulties or at least control the damages it could cause you and everyone around you.

You’ve done your job reaching out to us and let us work with you to help you reach your goals.

Please feel free to navigate through our website and email us at if you need any further assistance.   We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Call us at: 513 229 7585 to schedule an appointment for general psychiatry and mental health.

Call us at: 513 229 7585 to schedule an appointment for general psychiatry, mental health, or addiction services.

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