Inaccurate News Could Hurt a Political Candidate but Mostly Hurts  the Political Climate

Professional Psychiatric Services (PPS) is very disturbed by the recent publication in the Cincinnati Enquirer yesterday questioning the integrity of one of our West Chester Trustees. The article claimed that “Trustee Wong changed his voting after receiving a donation”. This is a strongly “FALSE” statement that might serve purely as a political smear campaign, which might affect Mr. Wong’s chance in the current and future political races. However, that smear campaign affects, in general, the integrity of the West Chester Trustees and the faith and trust the West Chester residents have placed in all of the Trustees, to represent and serve them. There are many facts to indicate that this is just a very inaccurate statement and poor judgement about Trustee Wong.

1- There was “NO VOTE” to discuss, pursue or change to serve PPS’ case against West Chester Township. The reality is that ALL three West Chester Trustees (Mr. Lang, Mr. Welsh, and Mr. Wong) voted in agreement to place the moratorium against PPS. The moratorium was not lifted by changing any of the trustee’s votes; but only by the Federal Judge’s decision who ordered the West Chester Township to resolve the issue with PPS. If there was a vote, that was changed to serve PPS against West Chester Township, then perhaps there should never have been litigation in the Federal Court against the West Chester Township; abusing money, time and resources on both parties.  However, Trustee Wong understood the necessity of having mental health and drug addiction services to save lives in our own community and neighboring ones.

2- On asking Dr. Razik of her support of Trustee Wong, she responded “If us as mental health providers do not support political candidates who look after their communities and ensure that proper services are in place, who else will do it? Although my donation to Trustee Wong was in March, which was several months after the court case was resolved, the case had been in the hands of Federal Court. Then, what does Wong’s vote or decision have to do with the Federal Court decision?”

“As a mental health institution we are very privileged to have a Trustee such as Wong, helping communities and supporting the fight against the epidemic of addiction and lost lives due to untreated mental illnesses.”


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