Dr. Anthony Whitaker


General Psych with special interest in mental health and medical conditions; which causes what? and how to manage both at the same time. Mental health in judicial system diagnostics management and expert testimony.


  • MD – Michigan State Univ, Michigan

  • JD - Temple Univ Philadelphia

  • BS – Washington Univ, St.Louis, MO

  • BA – Grinnell College, IA

Dr. Whitaker


Dr. Anthony (Tony) Whitaker has a very broad range of clinical and research experience. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Michigan State University and went on to the University of Cincinnati specializing in family medicine and psychiatry. Tony is triple board certified in family medicine, psychiatry and forensic psychiatry.


Dr. Whitaker has been practicing in the Cincinnati area since 2006. He comes to our office with clinical experience in a wide range of diverse clinical settings in the areas of substance abuse and community mental health. Because of his board certification in family practice, Tony is very competent in managing medical issues and drug interactions that co-occur with psychiatric disorders.


He is currently the medical director for a mental health organization in Hamilton, OH and serves as a consultant at Talbert House offering his expertise in legal issues related to substance abuse and mental health services. Dr. Whitaker has been recognized for his many accomplishments including his clinical volunteer work during hurricane Katrina helping evacuees in Baton Rouge.