Serapis Substance Abuse Program

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Substance abuse is a disease that is very complicated to treat. The amount of effort, time, dedication, and commitment needed to overcome this challenging disorder can feel like it requires a miracle. It is a convoluted disorder with so many moving parts that treating one symptom without addressing the root causes of behavior can be far from productive. Some of these underlying influences are related to the individual and some are related to their environment.

There are so many changes a person must accept and enact to ensure recovery from substance abuse, it can sometimes feel like a rebirth, or living an entirely new life. Recovery involves a rebirth of concepts, visions, operating systems, decision making, stress management, relationships, support system, financial independency, and physical and mental resilience in order to maintain abstinence and minimize relapse.

Serapis offers a new life with a reborn ideology, methodology, and operating system.

Reborn to Recover

Serapis was the name of an Ancient Graeco-Egyptian deity who symbolized rebirth. The deity was named after Osiris, who was the god of resurrection, life, and abundance to the Ancient Egyptians.

The name Serapis perfectly symbolizes the goals of this program. Achieving a new life free from the grip of substance abuse is tantamount to rebirth. In order to truly heal, patients must cast their old and unhealthy habits behind and resurrect for themselves new reality full of vitality, abundance, and hope.

Historically, Serapis represents cooperation and growth. As Greek and Egyptian cultures diffused in the ancient world, the deity joined the civilizations together under common belief. That spirit of collaboration and mutual trust is what Professional Psychiatric Services seeks to offer patients in the Serapis Program.

The Serapis Program

The Serapis program is designed to help treat all aspects of mental health in relation to substance abuse. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, nearly half of all people who experience a substance abuse disorder also experience other mental illnesses within their lifetime, and vice versa. The goal of Serapis is to provide an all-encompassing treatment plan for patients who have a dual-diagnosis of substance abuse disorder and another mental illness in order to give them the best chance of achieving and sustaining their recovery.

Serapis offers a continuum of clinical care by the same treatment team, all in the same place. The program features many different levels of care depending on the patient’s clinical presentation, fitness, and medical necessity.  The level of care will be determined after completing a comprehensive psychosocial and psychiatric assessment. The treatment team will meet and discuss the assessment findings with patient and families to develop an appropriate level of care.

The level of care a patient receives could range from general outpatient services where minimum support is required, to a much higher level of care where inpatient detoxification and rehabilitation is required. We also have a residential program for patients who need that level of care.

To schedule an assessment appointment for the Serapis program, please call 513-847-5533. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff or email with any inquiries.