3D Program

Temporarily Inactive due to COVID-19

The 3D Youth Program is designed to help treat mental health problems in teens and adolescents by focusing on three different guiding principles that many teens struggle with—destination, determination, and deescalation (the 3 D’s).

The 3 D’s act as a kind of road map to life and mental health, and can help guide treatment.

Destination: The destination principle refers to a teen’s goals and ambitions—where they want to end up. Figuring out a destination is essential to combating mental health problems, as having a goal in mind can guide treatment options when it comes to therapy. Of course, to reach a destination, you have to first evaluate your current location and a map for getting to where you want to go—therapy can help teens with this, as they can evaluate and navigate the values, beliefs, goals, expectations, and pressures in their life and learn how to get from where they are to where they want to be.

Determination: In order to reach their destination, teens need determination to take the steps necessary to achieve their goals. This is something many adolescents struggle with—teenage life is filled with distractions that make it easy to get off track and stray from their goals. Through therapy, teens can develop strategies for generating and sustaining their determination and identifying thoughts and behaviors that are detrimental to their goals as they grow.

De-Escalation: When it comes to teens and adolescents, sudden or intense emotions can sometimes dominate over rational decision making, which can throw them off track or lead to personal conflict in their lives. Through therapy, teens can learn deescalation strategies so they can manage their emotions and feelings. By maintaining this control, it’s easier to stay on track towards their goals.

New Services

We understand that different teens have different needs when it comes to their mental health. Thus, as part of the 3D program, PPS is introducing a number of new services during the second half of 2020, the first of which will be our Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program, which will be available soon. We hope that all of these new services will help better meet the needs of our community and provide new and innovative options for adolescent mental health care.

We have more new services coming soon! Check back on this page for more information about future services as they are introduced.

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