PPS is here to help you manage the stress that comes with living adult life so that you can prioritize the things that make you happiest and have more resilience for dealing with every day challenges, whether they involve your mental health or common, every day stressors.

Adult life can sometimes feel like doing math homework—it starts off challenging enough as it is and only gets harder. Society puts a magnificent burden on every individual to live up to a certain set of expectations. You have to have a career, a great romantic life, be physically fit, spend time with your family, and have a vast social network of friends. That all sounds fantastic, but it can sometimes feel like you need 4 of YOU to get this done! Additionally, the weight of this burden can sometimes feel unbearable, especially as the pressure mounts—many people often feel like they’ve “failed” if they can’t meet one of those standards, and their mental health problems can get worse as a result. For adults who are struggling with substance abuse, other existing mental health problems can be magnified.

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Services for Adults (aged 18 and up)

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