Medication Management

This is a very essential service in a psychiatric practice. The checks and balance in brain chemistry is a very subtle process and has a huge impact on how we function. For example, the balance between dopamine and acetyl choline in the brain cells is very important to maintain fine motor function and muscle tone. Any imbalance between dopamine and acetyl choline can lead to hand tremors, gait imbalance, mood changes and changes in your muscle tone. The solution for these symptoms is dependent upon the reason for the chemical imbalance. So, if you are lacking dopamine in your brain, you may need to increase the dopamine function or decrease the acetyl choline function in order to correct the imbalance in brain chemistry and resolve the problem. Also, in psychiatric conditions such as anxiety and depression, we must walk a fine line between them in order to manage both as they are often related. Trying to aggressively eliminate anxiety problems might cause depression and the same is true for depression. For example, adding too many medications for depression might cause symptoms of anxiety and/or panic attacks. A refined measure of checks and balances is required when adjusting psychiatric medications in order to get the most benefit from them. Additionally, many medications interact with one another and they may maximize or minimize each other’s effect; either exacerbating or negating their effectiveness or contributing to unwanted side effects. We have a great team at PPS to help you manage your psychiatric medication and to individualize your specific needs.

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