Thinking Under Pressure
Maria Konnikova at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure National Championship 
This is a great article clarifying the outcome is not a reflection of the decision-making process. Good outcomes don’t always correlate with great decision-making process. The opposite is not true either about the negative outcomes. Three factors are very important in the decision-making process. One, understanding the probability laws of other variables (other individuals, factors or entities involved in the decision making related to your making a decision). Two, emotional bias (subconscious tendency of favoritism of certain decisions). Three, awareness of the concept of variance, which is conceptualizing the range of possible outcomes of the decision to be made.
To simplify, not only our elementary school “golden rule” applies here, but also concludes the study findings:
“Show your work of how you reached your decision is a much more dependable variable in the leaning process in the decision making process rather than the outcome of the decision, which could be misleading specially in the long run.”
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