Turning Failure into Learning Opportunities

This article explains how one can approach failure by ignoring and not learning from it, like an ostrich, or embracing the learning opportunity that it presents. That is very consistent with our saying “true character is a measure of endurance of pain rather than rejoicing victory”. Failure brings pain that is often associated with perplexing feelings of anger, blame, shame, helplessness and hopelessness and general sense of incompetency. Failure tells you to act like an ostrich and bury your head in the sand to fix your failure.

I have decided not to act like an ostrich. Alternatively, I want to act like an eagle. I want to fly up in the sky. I want to see the landscape of my life. I want to see my final destination and what roads and resources I need to get there. Every time I fail, I will have to fly again to re-navigate my routes, check on my reference points, stack on my resources. I would rather fly with a broken wing than burying my head in the sand.

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