Addictive Services

I’m very helpless and hopeless about my addiction. I feel bad about it and then get a lot of energy top quit, but very quickly I’m back to it again. It almost feels like a huge MAGNET or a “suction cap” that pulls me towards it and there is no way to overcome this magnificent power. I’m tired of this and I have enough mental pain and agony that I caused to myself, my life, my career, my family and everyone around me. I have blame, shame, and guilt enough to make me hate my life and I wish I never existed. I have been to treatment programs and have seen counselors and sat on many groups, but the “MAGNET” is still more powerful than all my desire, wishes, hopes, agony, and pain to get over it. My family and the loved ones keep asking me to Quit, toughen up, get away from these peoples, places and “JUST DO IT” Sadly, I have to admit “I JUST CAN” T” Please help me.

Come and join our team of addiction psychiatrist and experienced mental health counselors. PPS created a very empathetic, nonjudgmental environment to support you whenever you make such a serious decision of “Quitting” drugs and alcohol. We also provide psychiatric services to diagnose and treat the underline psychiatric problems that might have caused the drug addiction and the addictive life style. Our psychiatrist is competent in using medications to help you manage your addiction using many medications such as buprenorphine (SUBOXONE, Zubsolv, Bunavail, Subutex), Naltrexone, Vitirol injections, Campral, and other available resources in the market.

Call Now: 513 288 4232- and We will see you within 2 hours from your phone call between 7am and 7 pm daily except Friday. Saturday appointments are available between 8-12 pm.

After your initial assessment (1st visit), you will be seen in one week (visit 2), then 2 weeks (visit 3), and then once a month. If you are already on suboxone from another office, you will be seen only once for visit 1, then monthly after. We have to make sure that there was no lapse in your suboxone prescription as documented on the OARRAS report. Call now: 513 288 4232

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