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Treatment Options

Addiction Treatment

Suboxone Program & More

Millions of Americans struggle with addiction. You are not alone.

If you or a loved one is ready to take the first step in tackling addiction, Professional Psychiatric Services is here for you. 

We offer medications as well as psychotherapy options to treat many forms of addiction. Whether the addiction is to alcohol, opioids, gambling, or anything else, we can customize a treatment plan that meets your intended goals. 

Medication assisted programs are useful for treating addictions to alcohol, pain killers, heroin, and cocaine. The primary medicines used to control these addictions include the following:

  • Suboxone

  • Naltrexone

  • Campral

Additional medicines are used to help with craving and impulsivity, and to prevent relapses.

Psychotherapy treatments include the following:

  • Education and Support. A good understanding of addiction helps to empower the individual to work around the disease and to minimize its damage.

  • Relapse Prevention. By identifying triggers and exploring emotional memory, the recovering patient develops strategies to prevent relapse.

  • Sobriety Maintenance. This part of treatment focuses on correcting the dysfunctional cognitive model for stress intolerance and helps the individual make adjustments to the decision making process.

  • Sponsorship and Advocacy. Participation in sponsorship and advocacy programs help to maintain motivation for patients and affirmation of progress.

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