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Treatment Options

Interpersonal Therapy

What is Interpersonal Therapy?

Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) helps patients change, rather than simply understand and accept their current life situation. It focuses on what is not working in a person’s life and the actions they can take that will make it work for him or her. Interpersonal therapy intervenes in the formation of symptoms, and it aids social adjustment and interpersonal relationships. It works predominately on current problems at conscious and pre-conscious levels. IPT focuses on the Here and Now!

The overall treatment goals are to encourage mastery of current social roles and adaptation to interpersonal situations. Interpersonal therapy can also be used to treat mental illnesses by taking on a dual focus, such as reducing depression symptoms and addressing social and interpersonal problems. Many interpersonal problems like grief, transitioning into a new role (such as a new job or relationship, or becoming a parent), or having difficulty maintaining relationships can all contribute to depression and other mental health issues. Interpersonal therapy can address these concerns and help reduce the impact they have on other mental illnesses.

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