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Treatment Options

Motivational Therapy

What is Motivational Therapy?

Motivational Therapy is a direct form of therapy that focuses on getting an individual motivated to make a change in their life.

Sometimes people engage in self-destructive behaviors, but don’t realize that they have a problem or that their actions are harmful. In other cases, they may acknowledge that their behavior has a negative impact on them or their family or friends, but still feel ambivalent about the situation and have little motivation to change.


Through Motivational Therapy, an individual can learn to look at their situation more objectively and can become empowered to start the process of changing their current habits.

Motivational Therapy is often a short-term form of therapy that accompanies or precedes other forms of therapy. Once an individual feels that they have the motivation to make a change in their life, the focus of therapy may switch to something like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as they continue their treatment.

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