New Patient Information

It takes a lot of courage and initiative to contact a psychiatric office for service. Whether this service is for you personally or for a loved one, we understand that it can feel like a big step to reach out for help. We strive to make the process as easy as possible for our new patients.

We have a new process for getting patients started with treatment. If you are a new patient, OR a returning patient who previously dropped out of treatment, you will have to complete two assessments with our providers before beginning regular appointments for treatment. These assessments include a psychosocial evaluation and a medication evaluation.

The psychosocial evaluation is used to determine a patient’s diagnosis and/or what kind of help they are hoping to get from therapy. The medication evaluation is used to determine what kinds of medications would be appropriate for a patient’s needs, should they decide to use medication as part of their treatment.

In order to see new patients as soon as possible, assessment appointments are scheduled with the first available providers. The psychosocial evaluation takes about 45 minutes, while the medication evaluation takes 30 minutes. These appointments can be scheduled on the same day or different days depending on provider/patient availability.

All new patients are asked to arrive 30 minutes early to their first appointment in order to complete our new patient paperwork packet.

We know that seeking mental health care can often feel scary or uncertain. If you need any assistance in taking this step to better your life, please feel free to navigate through our website and email us with any questions or concerns. Depending on your concern, you can direct your email to one of the following addresses:

General New Patients:
New Adolescent Patients:
New Substance Abuse Treatment Patients:

If you are ready to make an appointment, please call our new patient intake department at 513-229-7585 Option 2.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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