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Treatment Options

Trauma Therapy

What is Trauma Therapy?

Trauma focused therapy is a kind of therapy that is designed to recognize and address the impact that a significant traumatic experience can have on a person’s mental, emotional, physical, and behavioral health. It’s designed to help understand the connection between the trauma and a patient’s current emotional or behavioral responses.


Through trauma therapy, patients can learn skills and strategies for handling their emotions and better processing, coping with, and understanding their memories and feelings surrounding the traumatic event.

There is no “one size fits all” strategy when it comes to trauma therapy. It’s a highly individualized and tailored therapy that often uses different treatment modalities depending on the patient’s history of trauma. Many factors, like how recent the trauma took place, the patient’s relationship to the perpetrator, and their current psychological status and level of functioning at work/school can all influence the patient’s treatment plan. Additionally, alcohol or substance abuse, previous psychiatric history, or a history of childhood development problems can also determine trauma-focused treatment.

Many different treatment modalities can be used in trauma therapy, including traumatic debriefing, grief therapy, IPT, CBT, prolonged exposure, psychodrama, and EMDR, among numerous others.

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