Stressed Woman

Cincinnati's Comprehensive Mental Health Care Provider

20% of Americans experience mental illness.
You are not alone.

Professional Psychiatric Services has over 18 years of experience treating a range of children & adults with diverse mental health struggles. Our interdisciplinary team of mental health experts works every day to provide a continuum of care that supports every patients' unique needs.

Find the best match for your needs from our diverse team of licensed providers

What We Treat


Addiction & Substance Use

Schizophrenia & OCD

Trauma & Stress

What Our Patients Say

"We have experience with MANY different psychiatrists, psychiatric hospitals and doc offices and I can say this BY FAR has been the most user friendly and personable center!"

- Jill K.

"You are not just a name in a chart but an actual human being here. Nothing but good things to say."

- Shawn B.

"I have been going here for 8 years. The doctors and staff are caring and understanding, always willing to do whatever they can to help you and meet your needs."

- Shannon E.